Wolverine's Cutting-Edge Technology

Wolverine is excited to bring this cutting-edge technology to your company. By utilizing the most recent 3D Scanning technology we have the ability to scan and model your facility far more accurately and efficiently than what has been done traditionally. Wolverine has the unique ability to use the captured data from our scan and combine it into our AutoCAD 3D systems to virtually design your project in the exact environment it is going to be executing in. From Equipment to Piping, we can create a 3D environment of your project to fully understand the look and feel of the end product. From setting equipment to installing piping systems, by leveraging this technology we can offer the highest degree of accuracy to ensure the construction phase runs as smooth as possible.


Industries / Customers


• Petro-chemical
• Food and Beverage
• Agricultural
• Schools, Hospitals & Institutions
• Any area where LiDAR scanning can help complete your project
• 3D Laser Scanning
• Data Processing/Point Cloud Generation
• Piping and equipment layout design
• Tank Inspection reporting to API 653
• Roundness Surveys
• Verticality Surveys
• Berm capacity Surveys

Piping scans and Ontario 3D Scanning
Ontario Lidar Scanning Ontario and Lidar Mapping

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